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How to Fix the Leaky Bucket in Your ProductLed Funnel — The Boomerang Method

A Talk by Dev Basu (Founder, Powered by Search)

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Product-led growth companies work incessantly on onboarding users and converting them, but do not spend enough time creating a flywheel that gets better over time. Implementing a win-back system boosts conversion while helping users make better decisions about the platforms they choose to invest time and money in.

Every PLG focused SaaS company has leaky buckets where they lose the attention and consideration of their users (skewed heavily for pre-customer segments, but also in churned customer segments).

In this session, you'll learn how to Implement win-back systems with a remarketing strategy that dynamically adapts to the stage of the buyer lifecycle.

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Dev Basu

Dev Basu

Founder, Powered by Search

Founder of Powered by Search