Danny Villarreal

LIVE Master Class: Bake PLG Into Your Company Culture

A Talk by Danny Villarreal (Head of Customer Success, JungleScout)

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About this Talk

Product-led organizations represent the future of business in a digital-first world. They put the product at the center of their organizations to build better customer experiences and to influence organizational priorities. This means that aspects of sales, marketing, education, service, and support should converge inside the product. The product becomes the nexus of the customer experience. Not only does this mindset help companies build better customer experiences, it produces increased collaboration and flexibility, faster innovation, and higher revenues.

Join Danny Villarreal, Director of Customer Success at Jungle Scout, to learn how to go beyond product-led growth and transform your company into a product-led organization. Specifically, he will cover:

  • How customer expectations have changed and what this means for your product and marketing strategy
  • Benefits of a product-led approach and how to think about it for your company
  • What an ideal PLG org chart looks like

About The Speakers

Danny Villarreal

Danny Villarreal

Head of Customer Success, JungleScout

Head of Customer Success at JungleScout