Measure & Improve User Activation: The elusive metric impacting revenue

A talk by Emilia Korczyńska
Head of Marketing, Userpilot

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About this talk

Activation has a knock-on effect on all the Pirate Metrics. It affects MRR by the factor of x 1.34 - compared to x1 for acquisition and only x 0.3 for referrals. It's the difference between the users who churn and those that stick around. Therefore, being able to measure and improve activation is crucial for product growth.

In this talk, you'll learn:

User activation is one of the key metrics for any SaaS business as it predicts how likely it is the user will stay vs. churn. But while being critical - it's also elusive and hard to measure. Why? The key activation events are different not only for every product, but even for different user personas or segments (e.g. based on the plan). That is why cookie-cutter "industry benchmarks" are useless, and the first step to improving activation is creating a reliable system for measuring it for each segment in your business, followed by an action plan how to improve it, e.g. with interactive in-app walkthroughs personalized for each segment. In my presentation, I will walk you through a process of defining your key activation points, measuring your activation rate for different audience segments, and finally - running some experiments to improve it.

Emilia Korczyńska

Head of Marketing at Userpilot

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