Megan Murphy

Trend Forecasting for Product Managers

A Talk by Megan Murphy (VP of Product, Hotjar)

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About this Talk

Things are changing. Fast. Many products/solutions/services that solved peoples’ needs just two years ago are now a thing of the past. The only way to build a sustainable product-led business is to anticipate customers' their evolving needs and expectations affect the value they get from your product. And that value is largely shaped by external forces completely outside of your control. This reality is why even a basic understanding of trends is critical to sustain product-led growth. Product teams must know how to find, sort, and act on truly insightful signals of change. In this session, I’ll share how Product Managers across any industry or business model can apply tools and techniques from Trend Forecasting to prepare their products for the future and sustain product-led growth. 

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • Trends 101: A simple intro to trends and trend forecasting (spoiler: Don't mistake "trend" with "trendy")

  • Trend Forecasting Techniques: Spot signals, Identify trends, Understand trend drivers, Assess where a trend is on its adoption curve

  • Channel your inner Trend Forecaster to focus on the important, not urgent questions that you need to answer in order to prepare your products for the future, and sustain Product-Led Growth

About The Speakers

Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

VP of Product, Hotjar

VP of Product at Hotjar